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Vacancies: Director of Preston Road Enterprises Ltd x 2

Unremunerated – this is a voluntary position

Who are we:

The Freedom Centre is owned by a community charity called the Freedom Community Trust (FCT). Preston Road Enterprises Ltd (PRE) is the FCT’s trading arm. Many charities have a trading arm to help them generate revenue or deliver services in different ways. PRE operates the Freedom Centre, delivering a wide range of services to people in our communities.

Who are you:

  • You might live in the Marfleet or Southcoates area of Hull or be interested supporting the area.
  • You will be interested in improving the quality of life of communities, particularly in east Hull.
  • Your age is not important, but we are keen to talk to younger people or those who understand the needs of younger people/families.
  • You will be highly ethical, interested in fairness and keen to provide a voice for our communities.
  • You don’t need to be an expert in business or running a business.

What would you be doing:

  • Attend a meeting every 1-2 months, normally about an hour or so long; at the moment we are meeting via conference calls. There will usually be one or two briefing papers in advance – particularly if there is something important to discuss. Meetings have a structure and are minuted; they are friendly and positive. The purpose of these discussions is to agree what we are going to do and check progress on what was agreed.
  • You might occasionally be asked to help us with personnel related matters such as recruitment. You will be fully supported on these occasions.
  •  As a Director there are 7 formal duties, listed below. We will help you understand them and support you to deliver them.

How you could benefit:

This us a unique learning and development opportunity, working alongside some of the most respected senior business leaders in the city. Voluntary activity of this type could help develop skills helpful to your career or in the running of your own business. Developing self-confidence, networking, and valuable knowledge about how a business operates are skills that are not always easy for everyone to access. This is a fantastic opportunity to do just that. It could help in your career, or if you are not working, it might provide experience to help you find work in the future. We will be keen to support your development and you could go on to become our chairperson.

How to apply:

Please send a letter and CV to Julian Rice, CEO at Tells us about your experiences to date and how you could help us improve lives for people in our communities. We will keep the application process open until we have found our ideal candidates – so if you aer interested please don’t delay.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. What experience do I need to do this?

A. We are not looking for any specific type of experience. What we are looking for are people interested in supporting communities, people interested in developing themselves and people who are interested in business.

Q. What is the selection procedure?

A. There are three parts to this. The first is for us to sift through applications to create a short list. We will then like to meet those on the short list (or other arrangements subject to Covid restrictions). Finally, anyone we wish to take forward will need to complete a ‘fit and proper persons’ declaration to make sure, for example, you are not disqualified from acting as a director.

Q. Do I need a business background?

A. No, but it would be helpful if you were interested in learning how a business is run.

Q. Is this really for me?

A. This is an opportunity for everyone.

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