Preston road: The Freedom Way

The last 12 years have been an exciting journey to regenerate Preston Road. This booklet describes some of the milestones
and events that have been accomplished, and provides us with the opportunity to thank everyone who made a
contribution to our vision, of “making Preston Road a place where everyone would want to live”.

Much has changed since we set off with our first “business plan”. The Village Centre is a reality, hundreds of people have
been trained in new skills, crime and anti-social behaviour have been curbed, and new houses have been built.
This is only a beginning, however. Even as we write these words, the new £37 million Archbishop Sentamu Academy is
rising out of the ground on Preston Road and plans are afoot to build more houses.

Even though the £55 million of NDC grant has been spent, the charity that is the Preston Road Neighbourhood Development
Company will continue the work of the last 10 years. We expect the Village Centre to return an annual profit, and that
money will be ploughed back into the community for the foreseeable future.

Finally, we want to thank everybody – and there are many – for their support, help, criticism even, all of which made such a
contribution towards the future of Preston Road.



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